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On The Run

My parents shut down my Shopify store 2x causing me to lose out on $100,000+ on gross sales so I can focus on school. A couple months later, I figured out a way to run my business under a close friend who was 18. We very quickly scaled the Shopify store to several thousands of dollars A DAY. I then dropped out of high school because I was making so much money and then moved to the Hollywood Hills at 17. I was obviously a minor and wasn't legally able to leave home like that so cops, my parents, and a private investigator tried finding me and cops even found me in the airport multiple times. However, as you can see they failed in sending me back home to San Diego where I moved from and failed at shutting down a minor's Shopify business. So trust me when I say this, I was dedicated to the good life! Not even cops trying to catch me, meetings with principals at my school, or people trying to shut down my Shopify business was going to stop me. I had a 0.8 GPA in high school because I devoted 100% of my time to learn the lessons and strategies of creating a successful Shopify store, which is the same exact ones I will be teaching you in The eCom Good Life.

Student Success

Nate Lauer

Nate had a product getting sales through Facebook Ads, but he couldn't manage to get it to be profitable. I hopped on a quick 30 minute phone call and explained to him the same strategies that are in this course. Once he implemented my Facebook Ad and up-sell strategy, he took his current product which was originally breaking even to $10,000 a month profitably. JUST from implementing what I am teaching in The eCom Good Life.

Michael Mason

I originally met Michael because he followed me and we talked a bit, and with the FIRST product I gave him, he quickly scaled it to $80,000 in 54 days. "Before I met Mikey I had $600 to my name, because I spent a lot on failed products and didn’t know how I’d pay rent the next month. Fast forward to 2 months later I grossed over $80k using the product and strategies that Mikey gave me." - has has now scaled his store to $300k in a single month - being Mikey's top student.

Jimmy Gonzalez

Jimmy used to be struggling with his Shopify dropshipping store, until I came in and gave him a couple products to sell and he ended up making $100,000 in a single month and even took his parents on a vacation to Puerto Rico where they are originally from. That's pretty noble of him, gentlemen take notes!

Interviewed By Scott Hilse

Founder Of One Product Dropshipping - Endorsed By Tai Lopez & Shopify

Everybody Wants To Be Successful, 
But 1% Of The World Achieves It!

Shopify announced in its quarterly results that they surpassed one million merchants. But how many of them are successful? On average, less than 1% of Shopify stores ever cross the $100,000 mark.

So what differentiates the successful entrepreneurs and the rest? One of the biggest attributes found is that the successful are constantly educating themselves, because only a fool would stop feeding their brain. Like the famous Benjamin Franklin says, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." Eleanor Roosevelt, former first lady & activist said, "Learn from the mistakes of others. You can't live long enough to make them all yourself."

The world does not need more people with regrets on living an unfulfilled life. Invest in yourself and your brain, that is the key to getting ahead. Luckily, I realized this at a very young age and made all the mistakes (losing $100,000+ in gross sales when parents shut down store so I'd focus on school, testing 100's of products, dropping out of high school & moving to LA), so I can stand here and teach you all the EXACT strategies that have made me high six figures in this The eCom Good Life.

I have tested these untapped strategies for product research and marketing on a small scale with some friends, and as you saw, it has generated them well over 6 figures, so it is only right that I finally release this in The eCom Good Life.

Don't procrastinate. This course will only be up for a limited time so enroll it now.

On The Run

Download The Intellect Of The Smartest Minds, Into Your Own....

My goal ever since I was a kid was to create a positive influence on the world and for my teachings to reach the masses. I made this course for just the price of a small meal so it wont break the bank to invest in yourself.

The eCom Good Life program is not a get-rich-easy scheme, however if you apply what I teach in the right way I can predict you will drastically increase your Shopify dropshipping revenue and help you create your first online profitable store after following 50+ videos that you will use to assist you. You won't become a Shopify millionaire overnight, but with the strategy I give to you, your learning curve will drastically be cut and you can expect an increase in your revenue within days to weeks.

One of the most common questions I get is, Mikey what should I do as a beginner if I don't have much money?

Henry Ford had a $200 billion dollar (adjusted for inflation) net worth and founded Ford Motor Company and he always said, "Old men always advise the young to save money. This is bad advice. Invest in yourself."

You are probably visualizing your new-self. Probably living in LA, Miami, NY, or Dubai making money from your Shopify store. It wasn't too long ago I would dream about living the good life in LA while I was falling asleep in my English class in high school. Let yourself visualize your dream life and imagine the possibilities that doubt has made seem so impossible for you your whole life.

As Phyllis George, the American businesswoman said, "Life is what you make it: If you snooze, you lose; and if you snore, you lose more." Those who snooze, end up in the masses.

Begin The eCom Good Life immediately, don't let your goals and dreams slowly fade away and become one of the people who lived a life of regret and realized it is too late. The teachings in this course can stay with you for a lifetime.

Once you implement these Shopify and life strategies that I will teach, you will be living a life of prosperity, wealth, and abundance...

See you on the other side,

The eCom Good Life Gives You Instant Access
To The Following For ONLY $17

Facebook/Instagram Ads: I have shaved YEARS off of your learning curve by giving you my marketing strategies that took me the past 3 years to fully develop. These set of videos are also CONSTANTLY being updated with exclusive strategies that are only available in The eCom Good Life. 

Shopify Store Creation: Nowadays, 99% of Shopify dropshippers are designing/branding their store COMPLETELY wrong, filling it with mass produced garbage products, tacky names, and incongruent color schemes. In this set of videos, I show you how to create a website that people want to actually BUY from. I just wish you could ask my 18,000+ past customers, haha.

Winning Product Research: These set of videos is the real GOLD MINE. One of my biggest strengths is product research with an average of a 65% SUCCESS RATE. I reveal my exact product research method that has found me and several of my students/friends all 5/6 figure products.

Mindset: Like I said, the world doesn't need more entrepreneurs with an unbalanced life. I live in Los Angeles, and trust me it's not short of people who make 6/7/8 figures who live an unbalanced life. In these videos, I'll talk about emotional intelligence, how to build a great social circle, toughening up, and having a real red pill approach on life, lol.

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